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▣Their proposed targets include hospitals, school systems, medical licensing boards and, the holy grail, pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines.✄


▋Demand for rhino horn comes mostly from East Asian countries — primarily China and Vietnam — where it's traditionally been used for medicinal purposes and carved into figurines. According to the World Animal Foundation, the poaching crisis took off in 2008 and reached a peak between 2013 and 2017, when more than 1,000 were slaughtered every year. Even now, the organization estimates one rhino is killed every 12 hours.✉B82477R4474M100○A federal case challenging access to a common abortion pill is reviving discussions about a 150-year-old anti-obscenity law.웃12067C102MAT2A↣"It's time to get rid of the monarchy," Graham Smith, Republic's leader, told NPR. "We will be chanting, 'Not my king!' when Charles goes past."¤S0402-22NF3☋A Texas House investigative report published in July spread blame across every law enforcement agency responding to the attack, noting more experienced agencies also failed to take charge.⇕

➣Bishop said 97% of parents agreed to the lesson this year, but the 3% of parents who did not agree were "entitled to have that opinion," he said.☛SC5040FH-6R8↯"The Justice Department recognizes the profound importance of reducing deaths in custody," the statement said. "Complete and accurate data are essential for drawing meaningful conclusions about factors that may contribute to unnecessary or premature deaths, and promising practices and policies that can reduce the number of deaths."➵


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NLCV25T-100K-PFR⊙The effects of AI, of course, are still very much being studied — and these systems are evolving fast — so this is all just speculation. But it does look like AI may have different effects than previous technologies, especially because machines are now more capable of doing "non-routine" tasks. Previously, as stated, it was only "routine" tasks that proved to be automatable. But, now, with AI, you don't have to program machines with specific instructions. They are much more capable of figuring out things on the fly. And this machine intelligence could upend much of the previous thinking on which kinds of jobs will be affected by automation.♜STTH2L06A⇔GREEN: All the Sunnis then had left were the weapons and ammunitions that they had looted from the from the depots. And a deep resentment of coalition activities. The new Iraqi government faced fierce opposition in Sunni areas, and especially in strong Fallujah and Ramadi.✿


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CWR29MK105JDDB⇜"She kept asking me, 'What do I do, daddy?'" Day said, tearing up. "I didn't know what to say."⇦VJ0603D1R4DXBAJ▤His release in March, a little more than 11 years ahead of schedule, followed a ruling by the Oregon Supreme Court in December that granted anyone convicted by a split-jury verdict the right to have their case reexamined.❒


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PN4917♧How did it get into Cena's hands? He's brought that story to several talk show stages in recent years.☪TBJE687K006CBLB0H00❥"This is entirely the responsibility of the military," says Mosharraf Zaidi, a columnist who heads a think tank, Tabadlab. Ticking off a long list of times the military intervened to boost politicians' fortunes, only to persecute them later, he said, "This is something that the military is going to have to seriously consider what it's doing."⇢

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