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⇠In New Mexico, a study found that "more than one-quarter of the people killed by police in the state were not included in official counts over the last four decades," Source New Mexico reported in 2021.⇔

❀"Of course, rumors about Corden acting in a crass manner off-screen don't help, culminating in a mini scandal of sorts last year, when the owner of a swanky New York restaurant, Balthazar, briefly banned the host amid allegations of ""abusive"" and ""extremely nasty"" behavior. Corden wound up delivering a lengthy apology on The Late Late Show to try and straighten it out.●


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LQW2BAN68NG00L▣Yet insurance brokers in multiple states told KHN that many clients are having trouble finding in-network providers across a variety of health plans. Even when they do, patients on some plans face "a four- to five-month wait to see a primary care doctor," said Tracy McMillan, president of Marketplace Insurance Exchange, an insurance brokerage in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.S1008R-101F➹"Vice President Mike Pence swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and his claim that the Biden Special Counsel's unprecedented subpoena was unconstitutional under the Speech or Debate Clause was an important one made to preserve the Separation of Powers outlined by our Founders. In the Court's decision, that principle prevailed," Devin O'Malley, the Pence spokesman, said. "The Court's landmark and historic ruling affirmed for the first time in history that the Speech or Debate Clause extends to the Vice President of the United States. Having vindicated that principle of the Constitution, Vice President Pence will not appeal the Judge's ruling and will comply with the subpoena as required by law."◇


➳Two months later, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order making it easier for farmers to divert water onto their lands.✁GCG188R71H273MA12D↺Cox’s family is still grappling with his death, said Justine Grant, who shared a child with Cox. She told the court their daughter says at times that “she wants to die so she can be with Dad,” Grant said through tears.♩W2L16D105KAT1A♀Myers, of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, put it this way: "States will only listen to the federal government if there's a financial reason to do so."♠1210Y5000561KAT❏Earlier, scuffles between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters erupted after the funeral for a 22-year-old Palestinian north of Jerusalem and elsewhere in the occupied West Bank.➬

☭Indonesia was stripped of hosting rights for the Under-20 World Cup on Wednesday only eight weeks before the start of the tournament amid political turmoil regarding Israel's participation.▌150D606X0006B2T➺On Tuesday, he wrote in a since-deleted post, "Little girl got a pass. Do not ring doorbell. Please," along with a link to an Inside Edition story on the shooting of Yarl. He shared that same link in another post that said, "my 6 is right over there. ... I know the Fulton County police chief."ⓛ


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1812GA220JAT1A\SB↚It's a lackluster policy, says Naomi Karp, an expert on aging and finances who spent eight years as a senior analyst at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Office for Older Americans. That's because the act makes staff training optional, and it lacks oversight.⇂1812Y0500221GFR▐Fox says this means drugmakers can hopefully get the forecast right for next year and make enough. And luckily, similar to other respiratory illnesses, strep usually peaks between December and April, so it could be the tail end of this year's season.▂

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