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1210CC563KAT2A↔Cooper spoke with NPR (over Zoom!) about that inaugural call and how rapidly the world has changed since.✡BZX384C16-G3-08◇"Our writing patterns can reflect what we're thinking, but it hasn't really been extended to this extent," he said.↚


⇣In an interview with NPR, she noted that Strange World also depicts a heterosexual couple kissing, but said that only the same-sex crush was the subject of the parent's complaint.◦C2012X6S1H105K085AB☟The balloon was shot down off the coast of South Carolina shortly after 2:30 p.m. ET on Saturday, U.S. officials confirmed to CBS News. A senior defense official said an F-22 dispatched out of Langley Air Force Base took down the balloon with a single air-to-air missile.◊BZT52C22-13-F-79➲The route to the hospital was peppered with military checkpoints. Groups of soldiers roamed the streets carrying machine guns. Abdullah did not dare wear his medical scrubs or carry his professional badge. He also dared not drive. If he were stopped by the soldiers at one of the checkpoints, his driver's license would reveal he was a medical doctor. Like other doctors in Sudan, he had received many cryptic calls and text messages that made him fear for his life.→D150J20C0GH6TJ5R⊞Officials said another tornado touched down Tuesday morning in the western Illinois community of Colona. Local news reports showed wind damage to some businesses there.▄

➢Grace Kazarian contributed to this report.卐MIL8532-37L➤"In my assessment — and that of economists across the board — a default on U.S. obligations would produce an economic and financial catastrophe," Yellen said in a speech.▒


⇖Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert, a two-time Triple Crown winner, is nearing the end of a two-year ban issued by Churchill Downs Inc. One of his horses, Medina Spirit, crossed the finish line first in the 2021 Derby and failed a post-race drug test. The horse was disqualified and Baffert was punished.△FG24C0G2E332JNT00のHowever, data from underwater photography taken since 2000 and published in the journal Current Science in 2008, revealed that the cultivated species has become invasive, smothering coral reefs in the protected reserve.↯CWR29HC106JCEC◇Officials say those who venture into superbloom territory should check the forecast before they go, know their body's limits and respect the natural landscapes.♩1N5918B GⓞThe essence of populism includes a faith in "regular folks" and their inherent goodness and wisdom, as well as a persistent suspicion of elitism – whether perceived on Wall Street or in Washington or in the Ivory Towers of academia.➸

▧ODNI also released a significantly redacted fact sheet describing some of the investigative efforts, which included Dark Web searches, reviewing CCTV footage and building floorplans, and creating digital and physical 3D models of incident locations.ぃC1206C332JARECAUTO⊙The chairman of Credit Suisse apologized Tuesday to shareholders for failures of the once-venerable bank and acknowledged the shock and anger felt as the troubled Swiss lender is set to be swallowed up by rival UBS in a government-arranged takeover. UBS said it would buy the fellow Swiss bank, whose woes stem from questions over its internal controls, for a lowball price of 3 billion Swiss francs ($3.25 billion).①


✦Police initially charged Alvarez with reckless driving, but Brownsville Police Chief Felix Sauceda said Monday morning that authorities have also charged him with eight counts of manslaughter and 10 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.▫TPSC226M010T0300▒Under former President Donald Trump, the EPA briefly rescinded that policy starting in October 2020. But it reinstated the rule in June 2021.→1808J5000681MXR↞Already before the reform, people who refused orders to serve in the military have faced a possible prison sentence of up to 10 years.▢VJ0805D240GLAAP❁News of the first lady's comments on the dual White House invitation came on the heels of a viral moment between Reese and Iowa Hawkeyes guard Caitlin Clark.유

↺When I see systems change so slowly, when I talk to girls and I find that not so much has changed in all these decades, of course I'm overwhelmed. Sometimes it really seems futile.2SD0946AR→"It is our responsibility to get Kevin McCarthy to the table with Joe Biden," Van Orden said, adding then it's McCarthy's "burden" to get the president to a place where they can work on the country's fiscal future.☀


ЮRepublicans decried the bills as onerous encroachments on Second Amendment rights that would impede Colorado residents' ability to defend themselves amid a rising statewide crime rate. Gun rights advocates pledged to reverse the measures.⇒1206AC331MAT1A◈A weekend ceasefire had been agreed upon, but with no guarantee it would hold, U.S. special forces executed a dangerous operation to evacuate Americans.♨1N4150UR-1⇧As NPR's Greg Allen reported, the lawsuit is "the latest action in a feud that began more than a year ago when Disney's former CEO said he'd work to overturn a law banning discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in the schools. The law, the 'Parental Rights in Education Act,' is called 'Don't Say Gay' by critics."↮GRM1555C1E5R4CZ01D♪This year, at least 12 states have passed legislation to limit or ban gender-affirming health care for young people, adding to several already on the books. In Missouri, restrictions announced last week by the state attorney general would apply to people of any age. With legislative sessions pressing on across the country, more restrictions could be on the way.◊

↯WELLINGTON, New Zealand — A fire ripped through a hostel in New Zealand's capital overnight, killing at least six people and forcing others to flee the four-story building in their pajamas in what a fire chief on Tuesday called his "worst nightmare."M39003/09-4015H❖"They design based on failure," says Brendan Byrne, a reporter covering space for NPR member station WMFE. "They push their hardware to the limit, to the point of blowing things up. And they learn what they can."♨

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