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M39003/03-4007HのYou are the keeper of your own health and the best authority on your own risk factor.☃1210J0500122KDT◦For Weisse and her family — all frequent flyers — it was like nothing they had ever experienced. Clearly the passengers aboard their flight were rattled, but so were the flight attendants. Before disembarking in Honolulu, one of them confided to Weisse that it was the worst turbulence she'd seen in 23 years on the job.➜


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GRM31CC80G227ME11K▢In response, one Fox attorney called Murdoch's position with the network "honorific," and said the role had been disclosed during a previous deposition. But Davis was not pacified. He said an officer of a company cannot "escape responsibility" by saying they didn't have any tasks.▶CDR31BP621AFUR\6░The governor launched the nation’s first election crime unit, arguing it was needed to ensure Florida’s vote was secure. However, the unit’s first arrests have been plagued with missteps. Several of the cases have been dismissed and others have resulted in plea deals that resulted in no jail time. Defendants said they received voter ID cards, which led them to believe they had the right to vote.▬


▄Yoon and Biden also touted progress in the U.S.-South Korea economic alliance. In particular, Biden said that South Korean companies have invested more than $100 billion in new projects during his administration, creating over 40,000 new jobs including in hi-tech industries, such as semiconductors and electric vehicle batteries.✦2211YA250181GCRSPU░The worst epidemic in West Africa between 2013 and 2016 killed more than 11,300 people alone. The DRC has had more than a dozen epidemics, the deadliest claiming the lives of 2,280 people in 2020.◆2225Y0500221KFT♣The students attend Colorado's only recovery high school — one of 43 nationwide. These schools are designed for students who are recovering from substance use disorder and might also be dealing with related mental health disorders. The Denver school opened in 2018 as a public charter school that today enrolls more than 100 students.۰BZT52H-C75,115↓Using data from the Rand Corp., CBS News reported that roughly 46% of adults in New Mexico had at least one gun at home in 2021. The state ranked 21st in a list of states and gun ownership. Texas, with more than 1 million gun licenses and roughly 46% of adults reporting they live in a home with guns, ranked first.∴

⇐In 2018, two buildings in the center of Marseille collapsed, killing eight people. Those buildings were poorly maintained — not the case with the building that collapsed Sunday, the interior minister said.➣CWR11JK226KB☂"We realize that not all parents in India accept their children's desires," she says, "but in India, marriage is everything."★

⊙The Associated Press typically does not name people who say they have been sexually assaulted unless they come forward publicly, as Carroll has done.♥

◐Many of Credit Suisse's problems were unique and unlike the weaknesses that brought down Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in the U.S. It has faced an array of troubles in recent years, including bad bets on hedge funds, repeated shake-ups of its top management and a spying scandal involving UBS.➸

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