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⇂To learn more, Wilton recommends the books and website of senior sexuality advocate Joan Price, an advocate and educator for "ageless sexuality."■

◘"This is a moment to be seized and built on and a real opportunity to start an inclusive political process under U.N. auspices to sustainably end the conflict," he said.╬

↲French President Emmanuel Macron also decried what he called "a heinous and barbaric act."░


✥"Our top priority has been to get American travelers a better deal," Biden said at the announcement. "This is just about being fair."▪GA0603Y561MXCAC31G♨Also Saturday, the navy planned to hold "live fire training" in Luoyuan Bay in Fujian province opposite Taiwan, the local Maritime Authority announced. Ships were banned during the firing, which also was due to take place on five dates over the next two weeks.▒VJ1206A330KXBMC☼Police initially charged Alvarez with reckless driving, but Brownsville Police Chief Felix Sauceda said Monday morning that authorities have also charged him with eight counts of manslaughter and 10 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.◆BUK9840-55115☻“Is this you?” he recalled asking, showing the man an image on his cellphone of a large, bearded police officer in the Robb Elementary School hallway.◊

➸Saturday's deal did not address many of the causes of the repeated fighting, including Israel's ongoing blockade of Gaza, the large arsenals of weapons possessed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad and Israeli policies in the occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem.❀2SA1774-Q-AP↓North Korea this month tested a new solid fuel intercontinental ballistic missile, the latest addition to its growing nuclear arsenal. It has also revamped its nuclear doctrine to include the possibility of preemptive strikes.☺


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CDR35BX563BMZSAT↝She is also the granddaughter of the late labor leader César Chávez, who advocated for the rights of farmworkers and helped found the United Farm Workers union, and the daughter of UFW President Emeritus Arturo Rodriguez. Before entering politics, Chávez Rodriguez was the director of programs at the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation.▫HSMP-3894-TR2G☍Durbin did not mention the shortcomings of any justice in particular.☠


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