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⇥Read the indictment here and its statement of facts below that:▲


▨"Anytime our [legislators] want to demonize a group, they say they are coming for your children. In this case, creating a false narrative that drag queens are grooming and recruiting your children with no factual basis or history to back up these accusations AT ALL!" the statement adds.⇪RM20TPM-H▫The holy site is administered by the country of Jordan and an Islamic endowment called the Waqf. Muslims are allowed to pray there, but Jews and Christians are not. Ben-Gvir has long decried that status quo as discriminatory and called for greater Jewish access.✡VJ0402D300FXAAP▨Former BuzzFeed editor-in-chief, Ben Smith, discussed the early days of BuzzFeed News, where he worked alongside Peretti, on Morning Edition. Smith said that in the beginning, there was a mix of hard news, funny quizzes, and social media posts, which led to some media innovation. But with the 2016 United States election, this approach became toxic, as many people became "a little sick" of consuming news through Facebook and online algorithms.☺1N5238B TR❁Camilleri, Manock and Dada were named among several defendants in a court ruling from July that dismissed Villi's accusations against the condo board members as "frivolous, vexatious or an abuse of process."➶

卐Kinsley's grandmother, Carolyn Hilderbrand, said there had been problems ever since Singletary moved into the neighborhood several weeks earlier, with him "cursing kids" and "running them out of his yard." And their family is eager to see him brought to justice.➵LQP02TN1N2B02D♨During a Wall Street Journal event on Tuesday, when asked if he was hosting a discussion with DeSantis, Musk confirmed the event.✣


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BLF2425M7L100J⊙"We are also calling on our federal, state and local partners to move quickly on regulations that will help ensure tragedies like today's fire are prevented," she said in a statement. "We are heartbroken for the family of these victims."▒ER1537-43JM☚Scarpino agrees there could be problems.☀

✌Self-identified Native Americans made up just 1.1% of the U.S. population in the 2020 census. A study that year by researchers at the University of Michigan surveyed Native Americans "who frequently engage in tribal or cultural practices." Of those polled, 70% said that sports fans wearing chief headdresses was offensive, while 73% said the same of sports fans imitating Native American dances.☌


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P1330-222G↧The deceased was identified as Chiloba and his body was taken to the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital to establish the cause of death."▦ZM4752A-13☠Church leaders in the Philippines have frowned on the crucifixions and self-flagellations, saying Filipinos can show their deep faith and religious devotion without hurting themselves and by doing charity work instead, such as donating blood.۰

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