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❈Jerusalem police chief Doron Turgeman met with his commanders on Saturday for a security assessment. He accused the Hamas militant group, which rules the Gaza Strip, of trying to incite violence ahead of Sunday's priestly blessing with false claims that Jews planned to storm the mosque.↸FK18X7R1H332KN006ぃAnd the role of owner/producer of major companies like SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment has long been crucial in shaping artists' styles and music.↸IM04EB3R3K↷In a letter shared with press, the students said they were "infinitely angered and exhausted by the many forms of ongoing white supremacist violence" in the U.S. The group, represented by the president of the local NAACP chapter, called on Biden to do more than just "ask for investigations and observe our struggle."➸UP5-1R0-R«In Matamoros on Wednesday night, about 200 migrants gathered on the southern side of an international bridge and halted all U.S.-bound traffic, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported. Vehicles were able to resume crossing after about two hours and pedestrians were allowed to cross after about four hours.

☪The woman found him submerged, wearing a T-shirt and necklace, in a Jacuzzi-style tub with the jets running, and called 911. The operator told her to pull him out and perform CPR, according to the report. Paramedics immediately declared him dead when they arrived.の1825Y0250331KCT✤But Fed chairman Jerome Powell agreed with Barr that a course correction is necessary.♣

☽On overseeing a rapid evolution in technology:⇂


▬"I can tell you from flying even up at altitude, not just your average thunderstorm, [that] the weather events seem more severe than they have been in the past," Tajer says.⊙RQ5L015SPTL⇪"It takes a lot of money to excavate a basin and build the structures to divert water off the system," said Mark Larsen, general manager of the Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District. "And then you have it sitting [dry] most of the time waiting for a year like this."◐CDR03BX683AKUSAB↙Equipped with this new AI system, the company's customer support representatives are now basically part human, part intelligent machine. Cyborg customer reps, if you will.☺MIXA10WB1200TMH↩"We freaked out. Given the history of this place, it's a little scary," he said.↾

✐"Antioch didn't look like this, but it does now," said Timothy Manly. "When everybody was fixing their issues in the '6os, Antioch didn't think that they'd have to." In the '60s, Antioch was almost entirely white. "You're just reaping what you sowed."↕VJ1206Y122MXAMP♧Still, the World Meteorological Organization is urging people and governments to prepare for hotter and more volatile conditions, citing a possible repeat of 2016 — the warmest year on record, thanks to what the WMO calls a "'double whammy' of a very powerful El Niño event and human-induced warming from greenhouse gases."▃


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C1206C154J2RECAUTO7210⇁Instead, the agency will start relying on the number of people being hospitalized for COVID as an indicator of how much the virus is spreading. A CDC analysis of the new approach released Friday confirmed it will be effective, Shah says.⇑VJ1206Y103KXBBE31❈The Houthis said they would pay some $2,000 in compensation to each family who lost a relative, while the injured would get around $400.➤


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1808J0160333KDR►Almost in a matter of a single generation, America has developed an extensive, even casual reliance on debt. Its epitome is the credit score, which often snares newcomers into a financial Catch-22 — penalizing a lack of debt history and pushing many to take confusing, sometimes costly measures.▤2220Y0100470GCTの"As soon as the wind would blow and the leaves would start to vibrate," Rice says, "you would hear this amazing low rumble."⋄


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